Styles of Background Music in a Bar

According to the current research, music can increase the number of customers that come to your bar. Most people like listening to soft music while doing their work and enjoying their drinks. But before opting for music, please make sure that you comply with all the rules that regulate noise pollution. Make sure that you have a license to play music. That will ensure that you don’t get penalized by authorities. Once you are through with the authorities, it is time to learn some styles of background music in a bar that can be so amazing.

Make sure the music has a slow tempo

Studies show that when people listen to quiet music, they tend to eat and take more drinks. The slow tempo music will encourage customers to stick together dancing while drinking. If you sell drinks and deserts, you will make a lot of profit compared to people who sell food. That is why it is advisable to sell drinks while slow tempo music is playing.

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Play slow and low music

Most people these days don’t like dynamic music. If you want to increase sales at your bar, make sure that your playlist has slow and low music. Slow music helps your clients relax thus buying more and more from your bar. If you are selling, the slow music will encourage the clients to sit down and eat their food instead of buying takeaway. Most of the customers who eat while listing to a slow music show satisfaction. Most of them tend to buy more drinks and foods hence helping you make some profit.

Have a country music playlist

Out of ten clients who come to your bar ¾ of them are country music fans. Most of country music fans like dining out while listening to this music. If these fans like your bar, they will tend to come with their families to dine. The result is selling more hence a high profit. For more fun, designate some days for country music fans. You can also have a family night for country music fans.

Make the music volume high

Studies show playing music at your bar will increase the amount of alcohol that you will sell. Increasing the volume will lead to high consumption of alcohol. If you want to make high profits, make sure that your music volume is high.

Add some fast tempo music too

Apart from playing slow tempo music, you can also play fast tempo music when your business is running well. You can do that during peak hours thus increasing the rate at which your clients will finish their drinks. Fast tempo music tends to encourage clients to stay much longer at your bar.


The wrong choice of music will lead to decreased sales at your bar. That is why you should make sure that you follow the above tips. Ensure that you learn what type of music your clients like. Also, have a day when you can try new music styles for your clients to test.